As we know that in large manufacturing industries, cutting operation is very require for raw material, for this purpose they use conventional hacksaw machine for cutting operation. In that type of machine single piece can cut at a time by using an electric motor. Also one labor utilize for same. So it is time consuming and comparatively costly. Therefore we have manufactured a four way hack-saw machine which is used for cutting job simultaneously, this four way hack-saw machine use single motor four cutting job at same time while in conventional hack-saw machine single motor is used for cutting one job only. Conversion of rotary motion of dc motor into reciprocating motion is obtained by using eccentric cam. By making such type of machine, cutting operation time as well as labor working time can be reduced. Since such hack-saw machine gives more productivity than a conventional cutting hack-saw machine, it can be used in manufacturing industries where automation is required. It can be also used in industries where labor availability is less. In this present work, we manufactured a model of four way hacksaw machine, so we uses light duty of structural parts and crank mechanism, capacity of electric motor is also very low. But in future if we want to use such type of machine in industry, we can manufacture it by using heavy duty of body structure and all other required parts.